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Olivia Wilde 'GOT SERVED' On Stage In Front of Thousands of People

Olivia Wilde was handed legal documents on stage while promoting the movie she directed.

While onstage at Cinemacon in Las Vegas, Olivia Wilde was served custody papers as she was promoting her latest movie.  An unidentified female process server wearing a mask, and a CinemaCon credential gave Wilde a manila envelope marked "Personal and Confidential." The envelope turned out to be legal papers concerning the guardianship of Wilde's two kids from her ex-fiancé, Jason Sudeikis.

The former couple called it quits after being together for nine years. Instead of setting the document aside, the actress/director opened it and quickly inspected the contents; she responded, "Okay, got it. Thank you." and moved on with her presentation. Right after the incident, a representative from CinemaCon stated they were uncertain how the woman was able to acquire access and approach the stage. The rep added that organizers arranged to do a review after the conference ended. According to a source, Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of when the envelope would have been delivered.

In conformity with basic family law practices, after a party opens a custody case, they must ensure that such documents are hand-delivered to the other party. The legal documents should be served within 120 days after the initial filing and can happen anywhere, whether at home or work; otherwise, the complaint will be dismissed unless an extension request is granted.

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