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Chanel's Nazi Past Came Back to Haunt the Brand


French daily newspaper Le Figaro debunks publishing reports on Chanel boutiques vandalized with Hitler decals.

French luxury brand Chanel was targeted by a fake video on social media. The said footage was an alleged publication from Le Figaro Live showing Chanel stores all over Paris vandalized with decals blending the brand's logo with Adolf Hitler's face associating it with the Nazi party.

The backlash against the brand has arisen in protest of Chanel's sale ban in Russia amid the war in Ukraine and the brand denying sales of its products to Russian socialites in Dubai.

The photos in question were allegedly taken in front of four Chanel boutiques in Paris, located at 19 and 31 rue Cambon, 25 rue Royale, and 42 avenue Montaigne.

Several social media users reached Le Figaro via Twitter to question the video. The newspaper responded and also confirmed via Twitter, denouncing any connection to the footage, and denied publication of this fallacious report.

Many biographies mentioned how Coco Chanel was known to have Nazi connections and a relationship with a Nazi officer during World War II, thus making Chanel boutiques a target for Nazi implications. 

Chanel team in France verified that the images circulating on social media were photoshopped and that the boutiques weren't vandalized, condemning it as fake news.

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